Taxation Services

Our tax services are designed to help clients to integrate into today’s competitive business as well as fiscal environment through effective tax planning and maximization of tax incentives while maintaining regulatory compliance. We offer a whole range of professional tax services align with the government’s self-assessment system.

  • Tax Compliance

    A team of experienced professionals are ready to strive to assist our clients in the area of tax compliance. Our staff are committed to continuous professional development so that they are equipped to inform our clients with the most updated tax knowledge when preparing the various returns under present self-assessment system regime.

    Our services covers:-
    – Tax filing compliance (Company, Enterprise and Individual)
    – Application for tax refund
    – Incentive / Exemption review
    – Application for Certificate of Residence
    – Withholding Tax Compliance
    – Other tax compliance services

  • Tax Advisory

    In the rapid changing tax legislation environment under the self-assessment system, it is important that companies are aware of the various potential tax benefits made available by the government and the availability of alternative business / tax solutions. We aim to excel in the area of tax planning to minimize the cost of doing business and therefore, optimizing business competencies as well as efficiencies.

    Our services covers:-
    – Specialist tax advisory services (e.g. Merges & Acquisition, Business Restructuring)
    – Application of tax incentives (e.g. Pioneer status, Investment Tax Allowance)
    – Advanced ruling application

  • Tax Field Audit and Investigation

    In the event of a field audit, if the field audit officer is not satisfied with the result of field audit, they will refer the cases to tax investigation unit of the IRB. With our experience, we are able to provide the support in dealings with the IRB’s investigation officer and assist the client in dealing with the issues raise in the process. We also tale directive from clients to negotiate the settlement with government over these back duty investigations. This will lead to the issuance of a composite assessment in most instances.

    Our services covers:-
    – Assist in dealing with the Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (IRBM)
    – Negotiation with the IRBM on settlement of audit or investigation cases

  • Sales and Service Tax (SST)

    Our professional team can assist your company reduce the non-compliance risk through SST assessment, implementation and compliance review. Further, we are also able to provide advice on a variety of SST related issues.

    Our services covers:-
    – SST assessment, implementation and compliance review
    – SST consultancy
    – SST review and submission

  • Transfer Pricing (TP)

    Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) introduced TP Guideline 2012, in line with the introduction of transfer pricing legislation in 2009 under Section 140A of the Income Tax Act 1967. With effect from the year of assessment 2014, taxpayers are required to confirm in the income tax return (Form e-C) whether they have prepared transfer pricing documentation by ticking the relevant box. This shown that the IRBM have increasingly focus on the transfer pricing matters. Our professional team can assist your company in supporting pricing used in related party transactions and advice on documentation requirements.

    Our services covers:-
    – TP review, advisory and planning
    – TP documentation
    – TP audit defence

  • Other tax services

    – Tax due diligence
    – Indirect tax services (e.g. Real Property Gain Tax, Stamp Duty)
    – Expatriate Work Permit Application and Tax Return Services

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Last modified: 29 July, 2019